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7 seconds – get a different life lyrics


don’t you bother criticizing me and what i do don’t you waste your breath explaining what is bugging you now run along and worry about your own life won’t you please there are those who value what you say, but it ain’t me

(chorus) we’ve heard it for the past 10 years, it’s gotten really old you b-tch about the way we sound, even how we’re sold did you ever take the time to look into a mirror if we suck, hey move along, there’s other things to hear

“sellout” this and “sellout” that, at first it made us sore you called us that while we were sleeping on your girlfriend’s floor we’ve made mistakes, some stupid ones, but “stayed true” to ourselves if you can’t hang, don’t sweat it, you can hang us on a shelf

(chorus twice)

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