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7 seconds – regress no way lyrics


okay, the fact that someone’s gay, some say,
“how could they live that way?”,
to me, it all comes down to choice, why fight?
it’s just a waste of time,
get hip, there’s nothin’ you can do,
why should that bother you,
for decency, you fight,
but who is really right?

regress, no way!

there are some, who’d like to enforce fear,
don’t bend, or you’re a “commie queer”,
wake up, to human rights and see,
the truth, and your hypocrisy.
i spit on “the majority”,
and what they want us to be,
and their “democracy”,
just will not work for me

regress, no way!

i see, but i can’t fit the mold,
or do as i am told,
and if we are so free,
i’ll do what’s right for me

regress, no way!

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