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7 seconds – tied up in rhythm lyrics


busy with this special thing that takes me far away,
living for the music if the spirit’s gone, why did it fade.
i see you every once in a while, so little i can say,
i know how things have gone for you, you seem so far away. (2x)

tied up, tied up in rhythm, that’s my crime to you!
and everything keeps getting tied up, tied up so tight, i don’t know why.

you walked beside me, every step, until a dream had found,
a spot that drove me harder, and harder i keep pushing on,

i hope you won’t forget me, the way i treated you,
until i slow down a bit, i don’t know what to do. (2x)


dear shadow does it seem i’ve let you down,
say lonesome, i never meant to let you down,
i’m sorry, i’ve taken for granted you’d be around.

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