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7 zuma 7 – savannah lyrics


a movie shined like a beacon to a dog-forgotten man,
overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of the city – yeah
heart-ache and head-ache, he’s forced to endure
the story of a victimized girl,
more than a cl-ssic beauty was his h-ll on wheels,
headed san fernando valley

she wants to die so i cried
she’s a s-xy queen

sunset strip – rainbow club, this is our town little honey
this is the life i lead, i live at night,
at daytime i’m using my body
american made and built to get laid
better stop it while you can
you are a fantasy – a fantasy is the one you want to be

you s-xy queen
oh! oh!

you s-xy queen – yeah
my girl called savannah

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