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7 seconds – spread lyrics


i grew up with love and affection
know what it means to spread that infection.
no matter waht may stand in my way.
this energy within, it guides me day by day.
at times when i feel there is no way out.
i’ll b-tch. cry. moan. whine. scream and shout.
but what i’d like to see in the world most today.
we’ve got to spread it! spread it!
now i know you must be thinking
there is something wrong.
how could i have the nerve.
to write this song.

well. it’s like i’ve got this feeling.
stripped away of pride.
a crazy mixed up feeling.
that i just can’t hide
emotion is this great thing.
we’ve all got it. let it show.
if u can share emotion.
then by all means let me know.
and if we wanna make a better world today.
spread it! spread it! this world over! go!

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