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75 south – liar liar lyrics


hey little girl, you’re standing at my door
i’m standin’ here, oh can’t you just see
that i don’t want to har your stupid sh-t no more
if i wanted you here, that it just would be

lookin’ at the sun, when you sung and you told me so
a smile in your eyes, i thought that it was for me
seeing i don’t like your back against the
floor your angel disguise with more guys only

what’s done is done i’ve said my piece
you’re not the one it’s easy to see
why don’t you go back where you came from
you never were cool and always were dumb

i do know when you’re ready to go, when to let go
oh can’t you just see
you’ve brought it down to not friend but foe
my angers loud so go if you will please

lookin’ at the times when you lied and you told me so
cried and you did not know, it was not for me
seein’ all the things that you, could not ever know
it seems like such a joke, that in you i believed