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702 2 – blah blah blah blah lyrics


intro(guys’s voice)

hey girl, hey, where u been?
yo’ phone still on?
i been tryin to reach u.
my mans them said they saw u,
and i was like, man i got to
call her man,
i got to get at her man,
and it’s funny that i see you
now, girl u so fine,
look at u.went some, wa wa wa,
wan wa wan blah blah blah blah

verse 1(irish)

there u go, again, talking
about, where have i been.
like i’m, your child, it is, non
of your biz, shut yo mouth,
i’m tired, of hearing you,
running your trap,by the way,
i forgot to say that, your bags
are packed,


why u wanna bother me, constantly
pagin me, drivin me crazy,
talking that yadi yaaa, all up in my
ear goin,


blah blah blah blah, silence i ain’t
hearin no mo’ cuz all i hear is,
blah blah blah blah, everytime u
open yo mouth all i hear is,
blah blah blah blah, always tryin to
put me in check, spittin to me that,
blah blah blah blah, sorry,
boy you played yo self,
cuz u keep sayin’
voice:blah blah blah blah

verse 02(meelah)

see that house you in, it’s yo
mama’s crib, you ain’t got yo own,
flossin fakin’ bling, jay-z wanna
be, claimin money ain’t a thang,
u ain’t gotta lie to kick it,
you ain’t got sh-t just admit it,
see i’m rollin high, but u p-ssin
by, on the p-ssenger side, yeahhhhhh




u wonder why,(u wonder why i) i don’t,(i never call you) call you,
(baby, you’re just not man enough
for me no no),
cuz everytime u call my phone(cause everytime i call you)
you just go on and on,(you just go on and on talking
all that nonsense, i can’t take no more)

hook to fade

writer: reynolds/jackson/jackson/jackson-jones/jackson
lyrics © sony/atv music publishing llc

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