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702 2 – feelings lyrics


verse 1
something about you
i can’t live without
want you to be with me, yea
got me losing control and i can’t let you go,
here is where you need to be,yea
feeling your energy and it’s killing me,
my baby i like your st–z,
you been moving me so drastically.
i’ll do anything you please

only you on my mind, and it’s hard to define
what makes me into you
just like venus and mars we were written in the stars
thinking we should continue
maybe i should just fake it cause boy i can’t take it
this can’t be circ-mstance
i’m in disbelif so many feelings
and love deserves a chance.

feelings, nothing but these funny, funny feelings
everything about you is appealing
nothing but these funny, funny feelings
amazing, feelings
infatuation got me doing strange things
we should think about forever,
maybe, nothing but these funny, funny feelings (feelings)

verse 2
from the limp in your walk
and the slang in your talk
just your style overall is sweet, yea
from your head to your feet
kissing you makes me weak
you make me wanna be sneaky
with your s-xy eyes, oh i can’t deny
got me hypnotised so deep
your my type of guy, hitting you gets me high
sing a love unfair with me

i just wanna be your only queen on the throne
of eternity
cause our chemistry is amazingly overall a growing sea
i can’t run from my heart
you were mine from the start
just until i let you breathe
whatever your just my type
and i gotta be your wife
cause i need you in my life
(need you in my life)

hook x2

writer: stewart, natalie / ambrosius, marsha
lyrics © universal music publishing group, windswept holdings llc

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