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702 2 – reality lyrics


intro: you dont know
what we go through
so i’m singin this song for you

aint got no time to play around
it aint about just hangin out
i got so much more to do
it aint worth bein with you

chorus: some people think they wanna live this life
they see the fame but they dont know the price
it aint that easy
i need u to feel me
reality’s of a star

i’m staying focused on myself,hey
aint gotta please n-body else,uhh
got to do whats best for me
thats the way it has to be,baby

chorus: again
intro: again
chorus: again

writer: winans, mario mendell / jamison, mechalie s / jones, michael carlos / kweli, talib / walker, anthony
lyrics © emi music publishing, windswept holdings llc

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