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718 – do it for you lyrics


where would i be
if i never meet you before
where would i go, don’t know
what would i do
if you are ready spoken for
and i didn’t have you

without you in my life i’ve been wasting all my time
and this i, i know
and it wouldn’t be fair if i didn’t have you here
coz baby i’m so

so glad i found you
girl i found you

you’re the only girl that’s for me, for me
and i will give you the world if you want it, want it
and i will do it for you~
say i will do it for you~

who would i call
if i was feelin’ down on my luck
who would listen, no one
and if i stumble who would pick me up when i fall
girl it would be you

-without you in my life…..
-so glad i found you…..
-you’re the only girl……

i would be searchin’ and searchin’ til i find you
coz there will never be another one like you
you’re the only girl in the world
and my life wouldn’t be the same

-you’re the only girl…..

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