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77 – gimme rock ‘n’ roll lyrics


wakin’ up dizzy on a sunday morning,
the place is on decline,
i think i’ve
done something up-and-coming,
but there’s a hole in my mind.
listening her
coming, up to no good,
she brings herself inside,
she is the only in the
who likes to be opened wide.

wine on the plaster, panties on
the floor,
nights are full of vice,
will you let me, please come back for
girl of bedroom eyes?

i love when she comes and grinds her
like spoilin’ for a fight,
i love when she puts me underneath,
and i
enjoy the sight.
lashing her hip with dirty rhythm,
too much for just one
starts talking filthy, blowin her breathin,
that’s the enjoyment

she says that too much isn’t quite enough,
just to cool her showy
so if you girl want my hottest stuff,

gimme rock ‘n roll!

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