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7eventhirty – god lyrics


[hook – laurie walker] something changed when you came into view/ my beautiful, wonderful you/ you don’t know what you for me/ you make me believe in god/ god/ god/ you let me believe you’re/ my angel/ you let me believe in god

[verse 1] i never thought that i could ever be a part of something so magnificent/ i feel i must’ve known you in another life/ wanna cherish every minute with you/ i mean, your features like lookin’ in the mirror/ so uncanny that i’m asking can it be the real thing, i mean i’m not prepared for this level of emotion/ i’ll admit, i’m scared/ to pick you up, they put you in my arms/ looking down at you, see you looking up/ your eyes pierce straight through my soul, and i’m frozen, i’m really shooken up/ can’t believe you’re mine, can’t believe i’m cryin’/ you are so divine, from the bottom of your feet to your head, with your little curl/ welcome o the world/ it’s my baby girl


[verse 2] awestruck again/ i can see your skin color coming in/ as i proceed to take you to the incubator room, and i’m nervous in my stomach, wonderin’/ i’ve never looked at human life in this position/ this isn’t my typical disposition/ started to hear a voice in my spirit, decided that i would sit and give it a listen/ telling me to be not afraid of the road ahead and where it may turn/ as the doctor pulls me aside to notify me that she had a few concerns/ the i see you, nicu, and i see me in that gl-ss/ and i’m scared to death, but i know somethin’, i ain’t givin’ up that fast/ this is a celebration of ya life/ your vibration is too high to try to hold it down/ look up at the sun, lil’ mama, let the ladybug fly/ couple weeks later, look at you/ welcome home, jada, this ya room/ you so magnetic the planet can’t even handle it/ you such a star, you make me believe in god

[bridge] believe in god [3x]


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