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.7jay – late nights lyrics


surfing the beat, jumped on the wave
now we juss need a gig on a stage
with words that i choose to use a certain way
combined with the smoke, we smoke blunts we smokin kk
the weed with the beat got me floating away
and the flow got me going like a train like a bullet on the railway
like a renegade a runaway from my own madness
my mind meets my soul halfway, its late night like these that i be trippin to
then i use my words like painting on a canvas
my reckless emotions got me feeling like its doomsday
a new world but lost like the atlantis
but i cannot fathom, watched over by the phantom
lead to betray, paid per anual as we lead under the archway
archway to success, success like khaled
motivated to the point that i know imma make it
but its always on em late nights, stayin up late, then get baked
wake up in the morning, go back to sleep, repeat
i get beat but its worth it. lets work it off. (1:11 or so) late nights in the city always make in it pay off
ill work harder than ever for this
ain’t allowin no flaws
you know how this sh-t goes

can i get in this any harder ?
maybe so maybe no
the world may never know
this song ain’t for no hoes
no dedication here
waitin for the fluctuation
stop by the station
drop some heat
can this get a repeat ?
im feelin the st–z
im feelin the mood
im doing me good
sh-t i thought i never would
dumb for me to think that i could
but im here
and im on it
i ain’t stoppin
you know i got it

beat so chill
i keep it real
a bunch of motherf-ckers sayin this sh-t is trash
did i give a f-ck, h-ll no they just bluff

thinkin they rap such stuff
ain’t that w-ssup ?
h-ll nah
so back it up
and dont say nun
cuz my flow is just too much to handle
handle it like a burning candle
im in this game
im in this game
do you wanna get beat
is it worth it or do you wanna take a seat
just hold this l and go elsewhere
talkin sh-t ain’t gettin u nowhere
imma keep it real
imma stay up
late nights are tough
but i’m doin this for the love
idgaf what anyone says
i don’t see them doing this sh-t
so many wantin me to stop
but i ain’t even started

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