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7l esoteric – rise of the rebel lyrics


[verse 1:]
it’s the rise of the rebel, story of an mc
glory evidently don’t tempt me
yo, my first contact with this music
was fifth grade when the biggest threat was a switchblade
no bull, for real, jordan was still
a tarheel at nc when i first thought i’d mc
dwelling in the bean before [?]
seldom heard, i was rarely seen
travelling between bev and dorchester
each semester of my life
for as long as i remember was trife
living on the cutting edge of a knife
busy making [?] tapes and pasting odd breaks
to b-tt heads with the mic
first time on stage, duke, i was rocking grey [?]
eso i had cuccini shirts and a beige suit
i used to have high top with lines in my head
now i ride the train with these lines in my head
i no longer have time for this bullsh-t
the politic dug six smiling at cats
i wouldn’t even wanna f-ck with
on the personal b.i. tip or friendship
they’re reversible and two-faced
t-tty like a cash-filled suitcase
“f-ck y’all” leaves my mouth quicker than the taste of toothpaste
one of the illest to sport scene
the only way i’m going peacefully is with morphine

[chorus: x2]
it’s the rise of the rebel, story of an mc
glory evidently don’t tempt me
yo you living life, sh-t is trife
a little tyke growing up that wanna spit on a mic
get it right

[verse 2:]
yo, let me set it straight for people that show love
and people that show hate, my life’s far from great
my folks far from rich, a message to the kids
think for yourself, don’t believe a gospel biz
see i know you gotta teach to keep kids in the seats
but rap ain’t a tool to put my fan’s biz in the streets
and i don’t know why i spit this arrogant sh-t
when most my life is filled up with embarr-ssing sh-t
i don’t walk around crying cause my parents is split
they ain’t had h-lla kids, i don’t know no relatives
i ain’t got no type of cash but y’all think i do
cause i flash and spend it on superficial trash
my 25th hour just never seemed to p-ss
so it’s only right i live each day like it’s my last
this is for the cats that heard the flow
and got the rap round twisted like vertigo
and yo

[chorus x2]

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