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7t – ladies night (feat. kool & the gang, j.t. & takia) lyrics


tonight’s the night that everything’s gonna be alright
leave your men at home cause this is our night
go in the closet and pick a tie that fits
like you’re having dinner at the ritz.

cause you best believe we gonna do this
from the north, south, east to the west
with no hesitation
we’re going down throughout the nation…

oh yes it’s ladies night and the feeling’s right
oh yes it’s ladies night oh what a night…

i’m hitting corners get into the club on time
cause just for the ladies it’s free before nine
i hope the sound pumpin’ in it’s so good
it’s only pumping from new york to hollywood

so come on and get your groove on
till your men ain’t getting home to the break of dawn
cause it’s on like that
and all the ladies everywhere gonna be there
so step back.

check out the disco-lights up in the air
it’s a party over here and a party over there
it’s a party everywhere no need to worry
cause i’m there
and i got no fear cause my god is always near
and i got not here it’s gonna be alright
why, cause it’s ladies night.

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