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7up – ride my 7up lyrics


h-rny baby you’re in luck
you can ride my 7 up
take it slow or ride it fast
we got all nite so make it last

don’t be quiet, make it loud
cause you got me standing proud
7 up, its all for you
hold me tight and don’t be cruel

deep and slow, u take me in
don’t you love this s-xual sin
turning over, on all fours
nudging soft at heavens doors

naked, as we sweat and pound
bodies humping on the ground
s-xy baby you’re in luck
you are riding my 7 up

take it in deep and hold it tight
you know how to grip it right
legs around me as i slide
all of me deep inside

deep i look into your eyes
no one else can make me rise
nails digging in our backs
as we reach a loving climax

naked and tired we fall down
hands carressing all around
tonite was hot, tonite was fast
but we know baby, its not the last………..

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