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800goony – 14hunnid 8hunnid lyrics


[verse 1: 800goony]
800, baby, blood it up, what the f-ck you think?
walk around the school, they like, ”goon, boy, i smell that dank”
bb on the belt, clutchin’ sticks, tote it on my waist
you can come and find me hittin’ l!cks, i just want the cake
ridin’ in the stolie with my n-ggas, and we do the dash
early in the mornin’, off the gas, young n-gga crashed
that lil’ b-tch gon’ bust it on the d-ck, smack up on her -ss
young n-gga posted in the bricks, sendin’ n-ggas laps

[verse 2: trippie redd]
yeah, huh
baby, i ain’t with that sippin’, ho
all that d-mn kissin’, ho
bad b-tch, h-lla pigeon-toed
we gang, not to mention though
my watch look four-dimensional
my new glock goin’ digital
i’m bussin’ all you b-tches, though
you better keep your distance, ho
big 1400 goon, what the f-ck you think?
blowin’ all this dope, all this gas, i can’t feel my face
i just want a bag for my birthday, not no f-ckin’ cake
i just count this cash that i f-ck with, i can’t do no dates
photo what you own, better sit your -ss right at home
keep my f-ckin’ chrome, i’ll put one in your f-ckin’ dome
now that p-ssy gone, dead meat, he was dead wrong
bullet with the gang, yellin’, “slatt,” it’s the red zone

[outro: trippie redd]
yeah, 1400, 800, gang, baby
you know what the f-ck goin’ on