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808ink – pepsi rush lyrics


[verse 1: mumblez black ink.]
pen pushing at it’s baddest
i spit the groove for your cabbage
respect my wet floors
got flow’s in the attic
addicts can’t crack it
i’m stale/still flowing it’s a habit
don’t panic
i’m back at it
my acid rip through the plastic
i’m so bad it’s a distorted embarr-ssment
tug on the chains, i’m enslaved to my habits
cherish my habits

[hook: mumblez black ink.]
roll through the dust
roam, roll
covered in cuts
yarrr, roll
roam through the dust
i’m covered in golden cuts
roll through the dust
rush x3

[chorus: mumblez black ink.]
floors on the ceiling rush
doors on the roof owwwww
roaming through my city, rush
better hold that sh-t down
sailing on my likkle boat
crash my anchor through the ground
these oceania’s help me stay afloat
tread on water like it was the ground

[verse 2: mumblez black ink.]
i walk on water in oceania’s
i leave gold all over the coast
my dominican condominium’s covered in rose
black mahogany, black woodgrain, detail is cold
my decor covered in leather
i’ll skin the cow don’t worry
my touch is mellow
suede on the book covers
my sheets are velour
“boy what you ill as?”
i’m ill as cider by stella
“boy what you sick as?”
i’m sick as l!ckin’ battery tips
n’ tipping sick into sippy-cups
hold up baby let’s drink it up
tally up all my slaughters
and see my sentence is big enough
verses acc-mulate from december
that shows i’m black enough
gold imported from the tomb of ‘kamun
i stand upon the moon
yeah i’m nice
bet you couldn’t lace a loop to tie my shoe
buck ’em groove, too smooth for suede tone’s two
found this flow fishing at the lake
bogart, stew, duck

[chorus: mumblez black ink.] x1