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83hades – homicide$ ( lyrics


[verse 1: 83hades]
f-ck with the team then i put him in the earth, uh
all what i sip, what i smoke is the purp, uh
pullin’ up with rvr3, b-tch we might have to shirt ya
9 on my hip, why i can’t keep my shirt up
next destination, 6 feet in the dirt, bruh
penetrating rounds gonna hit his body tissue
pull up on me if you think we have an issue
have a ski-mask, have him shaking like an igloo
used to rock the same sh-t, but now i got them new shoes
[?] hear blue’s clues
got a lot of drugs, man, can’t afford to abuse
gg249, it will get you confused
and you know i got that clapper, you ain’t with it, you an actor
i might need a f-cking pastor, exorcism on my life
if you’re a [?] b-tch, with a tee and it’s white
you would think it’s halloween how we handin’ out fright

[bridge: unofrompluto]
you cannot bang with the squad
with the squad
with the squad
you cannot bang with the squad
ayy, haha, hey, yah, hey

[verse 2: unofrompluto]
you cannot bang with the squad
‘lil n-gga get smoked like some pot
i feel like sasuke with the glock
i might turn this sh-t up a notch
yo little b-tch is a thot
lil thotty keep rocks on the block
i copped a new whip off the lot
i put the dope in my sock
he don’t want smoke, don’t want static
i put his mom in my attic
stay with that big automatic
you don’t want beef, it gets tragic, yah
choppa as big as a midget, yah
who the f-ck you think you kidding, yah
i dive in p-ssy, was swimming, yah
and you think i p-ssed the limit, yah