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83hades – weaapon lyrics


[verse 1]
i got the tube
bang out the roof
roll off the molly
i’m strapped in the booth
how i came up
i’m all off for two
got my own shot
me, nothing from you

sippin’ this deuce
i’m gettin’ top
run up on him
group with the mob
only talk cash
you know how i rock
lil baby bottle
b-tch, i lean out the wok
glizzy when i talk
choppa make ’em drop
young f-cking barber
’cause i fade off his top
(i cannot stop)
i’m on the block
gucci my socks
19 my glock
i cannot stop

[verse 2]
benny, i hop out the back
i’ve got the semi
ball like i’m hardy
gun go r-t-rded
hang on, i’m moving
will hit my target
trappin’ on slaughter
f-ck on yo mother, yo sister, yo daughter
they tryna shop, but i need a offer
came in his motherf-cking b-tch, aye
got too much weight on my wrists, aye
criminal, spray with the clip, aye
big money

[verse 3]
married to this b-tch, yeah
“hey, honey”, huh?
creepin’ with the stick, yeah
on sight
this pistol got a grip, yeah
new choppa and it came with the clip, aye
tell em’ my shop from the zips, aye
so you wanna rob me?
i don’t give a f-ck, b-tch
you ain’t moving nothing
same f-cking bounce, when i’m jumping

went to the streets, just copped me a pole
then i follow him around, slide down when he go
if i catch him down bad, then it’s murder that she wrote
and they say they want me to go, but i don’t wanna go
pull up on a b-tch
if they really want war
we got fully automatics
and we aim to his throat
hoe f-ck, no hoe, huh
i only want the neck, b-tch
i’mma take his motherf-cking life, sn-tch his necklace

[verse 4]
83 hit him
now he ain’t have it
i keep a wesson
all on my waist
smokin’ on gas
packs in this game

spark on this b-tch
straight to the face
i load this [?]
run up the ‘cane
i move, apply, aye
none of it lays

[verse 5]
hades, why you so sinister? yuh

k!llin’ you, yuh
i got it tucked
all of these bullets
they rippin’ you up
can’t fear no cuffs
countin’ a buck
x on my tongue
f-ck yo whole squad
i don’t give a f-ck
askin’ around and tellin’ me nothing