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85th – thug life lyrics


that’s right that’s right that’s right
this is that this life
run that n-gg-
feeling like the world’s on my backpack n-gg-
east side to the west side n-gg- that’s a fact that n-gg- we back whack n-gg-s

(verse 1)
dcs in this b-tch (woo) me i’m on my sh-t
screaming f-ck these hoes bpo and the dreams you wish
that’s real n-gg- sh-t loose hoe
the truth is me with these floo floes
don’t be modest i’m a problem you d-mn right like you ain’t know
right there in like who shot you
from head to toe it’s still chewbacca
we all here who that there like i came they can’t stop us
f-ck then though
stupid little n-gg-s i know
straight to the top i go
come if you with it n-gg- it’s just the beginning n-gg- or not whatever that’s cool (oh)
(verse 2)
yeah i’m the sh-t
playing my music while up in yo b-tch
meat in the stomach i’m feeding her d-ck
what a big appet-te she like you know what it is (yo)
that p-ssy is sick
i told her don’t be catching feelings then did ain’t that some sh-t it really is
that’s a big problem
life is a b-tch (b-tch)
what can i say it’s all in the making
haters they ain’t f-cking with me go baby
after that paper she open that cake
like it’s my birthday we all know the flavor
well i don’t mind that’s because i’m on my grind put in the work for my city that’s mine
especially those heard of my b tho trayvon
s.l.o.w. n-gg- 85