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8700hanif – mmxvii freestyle(2017) lyrics


new year ain’t sh-t change, still on my bullsh-t
tell em’ hit my line, i’m a goon with that pool stick
still with the audi, i don’t even got a permit
weak n-gg-s shortcut, real n-gg-s earn it
hundred for a bag, microphone that’s my weapon
south-side of chicago, east-side reppin’
just five blocks from auburn gresham
when n-gg-s c-ck it back with one arm like beckham
n-gg-s love flexin’, hoes like textin’
but they don’t hit my line cuz’ i don’t show affection
couldn’t give a f-ck if they was coming my direction
love for the money, sh-t we just got that connection
k!ller instrumentals, can’t afford a pistol, so imma buy a $3 pack worth of pencils
grind til’ i got 24 on my dental, oh you on your menstrual, come and give me mental, d-mn
i got low end n-gg-s that come through in the clutch time
hoes wanna kick it, i can’t go b-tch it’s crutch time
only 15, but i flow so mean, this year on my sh-t b-tch it’s lunch time
everybody eating, all about my business, i been straight trees like everyday is christmas
downtown, zack rolling woods with the quickness
running from the d-cks is our only way of fitness
but i-d-c, don’t test me, i been playing u-f-c
and they down for a n-gg- like o-p-p
you can catch me in traffic like d-m-c
spitting grand slams from the stands, you ain’t catch that
tryna paint the perfect picture, you can never sketch that
hoes two-faced like a blank sheet of paper, d-ckriding sh-t when they can’t get his taper
head of the game, everybody came in late
lived through y’all phones like some muhf-ckin’ image
you can take my phone away, i continue to prosper, dream team b-tch i got dogs all down my roster
stay 1k, these other n-gg-s telling fibs bro
move like a man, they don’t treat me like a kiddo
i was in the booth while y’all heads onna pillow
just a month ago, i got kicked out the cribo
dunked on all subliminals, you stay at a minimal
never drop the ball in the field like the seminoles
truth is never sweet, hard to swallow, never chew-able
money can be made, but the time ain’t renewable
always acting hard 4-4, give him parkinson’s
talking all that sh-t, give him more than he bargained
stay by partisan,millions what i’m targeting
catch me inna rebirth, [?] f-ck a cardigan
bust a move we matching, n-gg-s copped ripped jeans then they swear they fashion
catch me inna [?], tommy be my waistline
i remember spending all summer onna baseline
now i’m on some new sh-t, been had love for the music
been bussin’ -ss onna block on some cool sh-t
not big b’s but i’ve been on some bool sh-t still
young black kid with a lil’ filipino, did it by myself with my man tarantino
shooting at his legs make him bop like chemo
go all smooth, i’m kendrick gambino
always on my grind and i serve like venus
stay up in ya lane, make it rain, imma g*nius
you can’t hang, y’all my sons(suns) like phoenix
oh, i’m a shame, you insane
suck my…..b-tch!!