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88 camino – hustle lyrics



[hook: d-pryde]
see, we don’t care what n0body say
we gon’ keep running
we just gotta go go hard
and every game got a player
so i’mma keep playing
i just got to play my cards
and i’mma
grind (grind)
grind (grind)
grind (grind)
i’mma just
hustle (hustle)
hustle (hustle)
hustle (hustle)
we just got to
grind (grind)
grind (grind)
grind (grind)
we just got to
hustle (hustle)
hustle (hustle)
hustle (hustle)
hustle for this money, baby

[verse 1: drew howard]
i’m mister party animizzle
coming hardy on the grizzle
my battery died
wait until they charge me up a little
see, i’m fly and i’m legit
call me kardinal offishall
and the women say
they see me going farther than a missile
tell me enemy
i got that psychedelic jimmy henney
i’m the one like a penny
so get with it, ‘cuz i’m trendy
but yet, i’m still pushing hard
i fit right in with the hemmy
so i swallow all my pride
with the slightest sip of remy
and it’s just a tad of nasty techno
i can’t do the benny
i’mma b-tton calla mala up
kinda sky that’s spittin’ hotter than
some lava comin’ out of guatemala
i’m a problem now
put me out with prizzy
that’s a trauma
hate and judge me
like your honor last year
i was out of office
now i’m president obama
got my men up for progression
i can never stay here
yeah, i get my bread and toast
don’t forget to say a cheer

[hook: d-pryde]

[verse 2: d-pryde]
this is baby no no
gadget homie, i go go
leaner than a cholo
austin powers with my mojo
rockstar, tommy lee
down like the economy
rocket streets some soccer teams
fist in the air like pauly-d
who’s really smart to go against me
take another glance
every track i just snap
like a southern dance
running cities, i be first
you just come in last
have your favorite rapper
go babble, suffering succotash
haters be softer than some matzo ball dishes
i’m ripping heads off
and playing volleyball with them
here’s a mazel tov
toast to the fact i’m popping off senseless
i’m ill, i don’t really feel the tylenol kicking
like a soccer ball, get it?
there, i’m going to run it
speaking of kicking
i’m bout’ to maradona your stomach
with another crazy hitter
to these kitty litter spitters
i’m kicking, wicked divison
i’ve risen!
it’s prizzy! yeaaaaah!

[hook: d-pryde]