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89avenue – the campaign lyrics


[intro: claude]
be reformed by the renewing of your mind
i mean u paid for it it’d disrespectful not to m-st-rbate one time
about face
campaign against idol
can’t quite show you what i don’t understand myself

[verse 1: claude]
24 years old. my life ahead of me
yet, i thought i had just lived a life;
its only now i realize i was approaching adulthood
trying to change world
n-gga f-ck the world
once i go, i can’t stop
destinations the top
its funny how growing up can sneak up on us
and in doing our work and
being quiet n-gga started sh-tting on us
having debt gives you freedom to take my life in my hands
no more grants
just devious plans
all that’s over starting today
shooting off
j it
does it matter how i making it
i’m making it
learning new shades for women called nakedness
though everyday above ground is a good day
my manager a look me in my face and tell me i’m late
told my whole life something was wrong with me
till i grew up
now ive growed up and you can’t fathom what you see
no i f-cking p-ssing the weed
i’m trying to take over the city
u coming or what
change my style no shame
id hate to get to the end and say that i felt no pain
just saying
what u see
is what u get
and don’t you ever forget
that we’re here to protect
the town that’s like a wet p-ssy
that’s just
waiting to get f-ck
so ready the bust

what’s up

f-ck yall n-ggas, this the takeover