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8alin – $oulprice lyrics


(verse 1)
sell my soul for fame thats a no no
yeah you could drive the range
but ask em whod they blow tho
i’d rather take the local fame and speak to the people
take my 100k a year and let em know we equal
i know i’m reachin but i hope i make it to the steeple
turnin down the record deals because i know they evil
unless you want me to write my sh-t
or type my sh-t
i ain’t gon sign the dotted line because i know i’m fine
at least i know i own my mind and that the sh-t is mine
yeah thats a fact i’m back to rappin let em know whats happenin
i’m always workin on my craft i hope you got my back and
don’t let me fall into the cracks and care too much bout status
f-ck twitter
f-ck facebook
that sh-t is filled with distractions you gotta pay for
next thing it just happens you in them chains bruh
but i’m just one man
i may not understand
all the things thats really goin on and whats the plan
i always keep it in the back so i can be the man
i wanna be a dad my kids can look up to
i wanna be a kid my dad can look up to
not lettin dudes grab my -ss like i’m in customs
that sh-ts disgustin
you ain’t got a void to fill
its in your head
just do it play your own game like a nike check
and f-ckin stay wet

(verse 2)
i ain’t gon suck a f-ckin d-ck and no i’m not a phobic
this ain’t a d-mn game n0body gonna play heroic
and its a d-mn shame n0body cares enough to show it
lets rise up take this sh-t over
we could turn this sh-t around if we just focus
on the task at hand
like be a better man
like be a better girl
and make a better world
but n0body makes this sh-t blow up
the type of sh-t that make you realize
grow up
ya’ll probably fold up
and show up
wit all the liquor
pour up
and ain’t n0body gonna do nothin
for us
look it up
why chapelle go to africa
look it up
why jb lose his ads and stuff?
they ain’t wanna sell their souls for some cash
at last
a bank account worth less than being happy
f-ck the sh-t that just works if its cr-ppy