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8ball & mjg – it’s all real lyrics


this for all my g’s and my n-ggas that ride with me
only god feel the pain and only he can really see
through the eyes of a child
a baby born wild
gangsta sh-t flow through his blood and no one had to show him how
k!ll or be k!lled where i come from ain’t no in between
why trade the world just to be a dope fiend
hoes have a child just to take a n-gga change
twelve years later he want to know his daddy name
maximum security prison how we get to see
the only man resemble him and this sh-t here ain’t on t.v
your favorite actor don’t play this part
if you never live to sit you can’t say his heart

(chorus) x2

you don’t have to believe me (believe me)
unless you want to believe me (believe me)
but it’s real (it’s so real)
it’s all real

little girl
so precious and innocent to the world
get swallowed up and sucked up by this world
little girl you hide your pain with all them games
gettin’ high and sellin’ ya soul who can you blame
n-gga love you what do they love what you do
it’s aiight boo i know you gotta get paid too
it’s a long road
full of ??? n-ggas and hoes
gotta be strong
cuz it’s so easy for you to be gone
not here no more
you not breathing so yo not here no more
you touch no more
you feel no more and you don’t fear no more
not here no more
i know you don’t want to hear dis
but somebody got to tell ya some real sh-t
not sugarcoated
cuz where i come from sh-t ain’t sweet
you got a choice and it ain’t sh-t for you in them streets
black women be a momma to ya little babies
get on ya knees and pray to god things change daily

(chorus) x2

we ain’t tryin to preach to ya
just tryin’ to reach to ya
see all of us are blessed with somethin’
but most of us don’t take two seconds out of our days
to try to imagine somebosy elses hard times
because ya too busy worried about cha own
if ya wanna know what real is
real is experiencing good times and hardaches and being
able to balance them boats
but at the same time realizing that the world will continue to
spin with or without you
lend me your ears, give me your spirit your conscience has to pay
attention to what i mention
i’m your eye opener the hope for the one to will never see the suburbs
and if good life is only the word
the phrase the life that somebody else is living
although we human most of us continue to live in
in humane, dormanes whether pictures the same
children being born using their mothers maiden name
we play the game of life but we don’t all win
most of us ride the bench until were called in
struggling to get noticed in the side the one-sided
on nation under god so divided
out of touch with each others cultural activities
if you don’t know someone like me than how you feelin’ me
mjg, the air we breathe makes us all related
so suck it up and realize it takes us all to make it

(chorus) x4