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8corpses – crippling depression lyrics


i love dope
copious amounts of narcotics
i’m neurotic
diagnosed psychotic
been a fiend ever since a jit
never really had the chance to be a kid
addicted off the scripts
this life is a b-tch
i’m transfixed on dying off like jimi hendrix
popping barbiturates until i just vomit
people couldn’t care less even if they were in a coffin
i’m on a binge
slave to the syringe, inject dilaudid up in my skin
send me to oblivion
side effect of addiction
i do drugs to numb this affliction
seldom, do i care?
here i am going nowhere
feeling mediocre
put me in a coma
intoxicated by the soma
euthanasia be the only panacea
for this schizophrenia, what a horrid phenomena
my brain feels like an unstimulated
bowling ball submerged in quicksand
i’m an arbitrary skeleton often wishing to be toe tagged