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8cylinders – nail in the coffin lyrics


takin’ aim at you james, yeah cuckboi fannin the flames
acting white, crying in pain, you can’t escape the chains
until you’re all alone, just like the hunger games
this website will die soon like nimrod with that h in his veins
so many sh-tty posts, man i can’t take the lames

you’re a f-g basey, you lazy, you can’t replace me
i’m martin scorsese, debbie, you look eighty
we came for the rating, and stay for the crazy
drama, like blackhawks momma, trump and obama
waiting for l-sso to go out like nirvana
gunshot trauma, in pajamas, watchin’ futurama

it’s nothin’ being banned, it didn’t go quite as planned
all just a grand stand, you sinkin’ in quicksand
get me on the witness stand, i’ll be god d-mned
i’ll tell the jury how i murdered you with my bare hands
while wearin’ a wedding band, the husband of glam

braggin’ about f-ckin, and white girl lovin’
nemo the glutton, she probably your cousin
this forum’s barely runnin’, errors by the dozen
i’d dig up more dirt if i had a working search b-tton
try to jpeg summon, instead of pickin’ cotton

takin’ aim like i’m will tell, ring the alarm bell
i got that intel that james is just an incel
jinxi said farewell, numbers droppin’ like the nfl
what’s that smell? grab the cottonelle
this forum is dog sh-t in a nutsh-ll

bad posters like nemo, maud the dumb hoe
the unsolicited d-ld-, the spread of personal info
then wonder why all the legends are a no-show
so you blamin’ the micro, yeah bro, let it go
even to me you are below, vb please bring back jim crow