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8fire8 – love lyrics



i can feel your energy, light years away
and i know you’re there baby, there baby
i feel you yearning for a change
just be patient keep waiting keep waiting
we’re timeless baby you can break the clock
a thousand years can feel like a second
we met somewhere before we just keep forgetting
keep getting lost cause we switch dimensions
girl realize your power you can move olympus, or venus
they might try to chase you down but don’t be scared of demons
thats how they have fun love and hates the same
you and i can make a change
strengthen your cathexis we’ll be in agreement
once ours souls touch it’s like an explosion
out of control yet, melodic and woven


welcome to my world, my world
spirit grounded in the right place right time
in alignment what we create, so bright, pure light
when our souls touch, sonic boom
so cosmic