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808 x 1tyme x be free – charles oakley lyrics


intro: (808)
late night, ahh
its the morning, they can slide through, ahh
my crew, ahh

verse1: (808)
she sent a text late night
she sent a text late night
they addicted to the lifestyle
i can’t complain when she go down
got a body like an hour gl-ss
i swear she really make an hour p-ss
im leavin’ platinum motor sports in that 918 porsche
lookin’ flyer than the sky, you couldn’t trust me if you tried
i just spit whats on my mind, if you bout’ it catch a vibe
ain’t never catching feelings (catch a vibe)
i just bought a new crib, yeah, you say i got some acre’s
got a court in the back, im known to ball like i’m a laker
yeah, ball like i’m a laker (i’m a laker)
i be lookin’ for the one, she never come around
all this money on the ground
i guess i’m who i am, and who i thought i was now
(who i thought i was now)
you know im whippin’ round-round, in that white ghost
man, i got b-tches from the east to the west coast
i drink syrup on the daily, no french toast
we in the league, you ain’t even f-ckin’ close
been chasing benji’s, since day one
and yo’ main chick, she my side one
loop the beat b-tch, cause i ain’t done
pace the game: i treat it like a long run
pretty boy records, i’m your sisters favorite rapper, (pret)
i treat the panties like some candy
i’m just peeling off the wrapper, (pret)
(pret, pret) sh-t, i’m just peelin’ off the wrapper
(pret, pret, pret, pret)
i’m makin’ music for the f-ck of it
lately bunch of women tryna f-ck me for the fun of it
you know you on your grind when get p-ssy’s not important
i’d rather hit the studio
and purple’s what i’m pourin’ b-tch
(purple’s what im pouring, b-tch)

verse2: (1tyme)
asian dimes, on they’re knee’s
love me long time: j-panese
rule the world, 7 sea’s
wear a cloak of ice, mr. freeze
free bird, like the breeze
f-ckin’ master, all degree’s
open fire, leave debris
leave your body laying like an amputee
michael myers on a k!lling spree
rule the ice: gretzky
the king of queen’s, with the master key
now im trending: on twitter feed’s
hot and frisky, la vida loca, a shot of whiskey
she got an -ss, fat and thicky
but i really wish her name was nicki
(pret, pret)
i’m reckless, you defenseless
name on top of my hit list, your demise my wish list
see your body, breathless
careless, suffocation
vengeance, face the fury, im pretentious
elegance: endless, won’t hold it back with electric fence
we relentless, knock out ya five senses
see my swagger, hear my flow, hear my flow
life changing in a million phase’s
gettin’ lost in a million maze’s
learned the hard way, its amazing
left you drowning, suffocation
(get em’ 1 tyme)
d-ck you down, feel the earth quakin’
k!ll the flow, nice and slow
hall of fame the studio
super star’s, we run the show
carve a shrine when we pose
(yeah, yeah: get em be free)

verse3: (be free)
talkin sh-t? put some mints in
just an instance, drippin’ crimson
new beginnings, new incisions
christ has risen, life in prison
big pimpin’ this big pimpin’
o.j. simpson any cat or kitten
johnnie walker madonna vixens
molly water, louboutin the christians
no remorse, can’t deny greatness
name sayers? scream hi hater
3 satans, this nick saban
well behaved, you little clay aiken
one life, take joy ride’s
220 with a 45
yellow bodies, sore thighs
flossin’ now, you seen the fluoride
whips exotic, my b-tch the hottest, thoughts demonic
better listen closely
painting portraits, no law enforcement can’t hold me down
charles oakley
pret pretty, coyote ugly
up and coming like none above me
activis in the ace of spades
got the cody bubbly, you don’t know me buddy
tyra banks, naomi campbell
blow me ample, involved in scandals
all a gamble, been goin’ h.a.m. still
set examples, set financials
pockets grande, ariana
hot as sauna, hot as sauna
fleek as h-ll, got a higher aura
keep to self, like sayonara

outro: (808)
b-tch, i guess im on the sh-t, (ahh, pret, pret)
money’s the motivation, you rapper’s so complacent
i’m pullin’ up in lots, and leavin’ with the latest
i’m boarding f-ckin’ flights, not talkin’ vacation’s

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