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(86) stampface x gunna grimes x t mula – sv freestyle lyrics


look, my g whip till his wrist ache
f-ck with gg that’s a mistake
man’a holla at bro for the spin that’s long let it rip like beyblade
1 hand waving around like nae nae
put your hands in the air >>>>
cah the gyaldem come around segway
peng tings loving the gang ting
got scrampface flying up cunch, and he does the d-mn ting
set up shop no ramping
there’s 6 shots in that hand ting
2 bells in that dots boom bow where you’re standing
then it’s back to the ends on mad ting
i’m out here tryna get p these sl-ts can’t leave me alone
you n-gg-s all f-ggots, better leave that sh-t in your home
smoke amm to the brain, 2 grubs straight to the dome
you n-gg-s all fake, fake n-gg-s can’t call my phone
for the money i take them risks
better man don’t do it like this
on the hill let me holla at scribz
stampface i’m taking the p-ss
peng browning look mel b she can get all of this d-ck
man trap trap in the trap house, cah a n-gg- tryna get rich

[gunna grimes]

hear me back then i’m like why now
man’a get face time no icloud
p-ssed when i jump out the ride cah my shots are always on fleek like eyebrows
put my log-in like i sign out
make sure that your man don’t find out
cah when i catch my opp i will have him in the corner just stressing like time out
i got light like morning dark like late night, p-ssed if i jumpman suttin’ like drake time, black tracky rolled on the opps like 8 times, icloud roll with the dots like face
cah, man ain’t new to this
feds come man-go like rubicon
cos i had bare white like hooligan
but the b-tch wan’ stay it’s a uber ting
kway kway they up in soho
used to get my grub on the low low
cuttin’ tru the brix with the gang
now man’a ride out on the solo
brown skin chocolate like rolo
man’a get discount like promo
i used to bust that dark in the alley
now i bust that light like bobo
amm to the chest that eye burns
feds on the left, man’a take a right turn
and that b-tch i couldn’t bare like iceberg
and bare man just here/hair like sideburns
about 86k what who? i tell a boy roll up on man
just saw a opp with smoke and he’s p-ssed cos he knows that i rolled up with gang

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