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8eh3 – superstar lyrics


i’ll top the charts, i’m gonna be a superstar
i’m so bizarre that i just probably will not go far
i crash my car and that’s just why i got these scars
this is war, no idea what you’re screaming for

[verse 1]
there goes another milestone
i’m sitting on this microphone, this gun
i might reload, travel from michigan to idaho
colorful and wonderful, call me a d-mn kaleidoscope
envelope with saliva, period, like a suicidal v-g-n-
my mother gave birth and raised me and they all praise me
they chase me down dark alleys, monster truck in a valley
from north to south, east to west, ’til the beast slays me
why am i strange and crazy, in a daze, man, it’s so amazing
i’m a fire that won’t quit blazing, no sh-ts given, no time-wasting
simon says to hide your kid, your wife and friends, ’cause shady’s
come back out again to terrorize before your eyes, these f-ggots falling from the skies, it’s raining men
definition of a home invasion, we’re breaking in and doing some breathtaking sh-t and i’m about to show you what entertainment is
the walls are caving in, i’m so relaxed, look at all this blood that i’m just bathing in
and that’s a fact, i don’t give a cr-p, when will this constipation end

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