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8stops7 – empty (hidden track) lyrics


give yourself up to me
i know what your thinking
and it’s plain to see
that you’ve stopped believing

cause i let you down
i mean’t well but it changed somehow
kept your thoughts to yourself
and when i woke up
i wished i had as well

’cause i missed all this to be empty
now i find, seems like i been misleading myself
this bridge, today, i can’t win
my aim is off

you made me proud
and i’m a foolish, selfish, cautious clown
for i’ve already spent
all my effort wasted on regrets


falling down
i should have thought this one out
but i have lived a life of doubt
never believing what i found
could pull me out, pull me out, pull me out

i just need to be found

give yourself up to me
i know what your thinking

(chorus x2)

’cause i’m here
and your not.

- 8stops7 lyrics

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