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99 gang feat. thedicekid – zone! lyrics


we trapping
we out
we gone

we can′t do the kidding
we grown
you can’t tell the sh+t that we on
on 9′s on 9 i can never be wrong
dropped a freestyle and it sounds like a song
can’t take no l’s i′ve already won
niba unshaka unsange muri uhh
niba unshaka unsange muri zone

the money growing like a tree
i′m balling today it’s my treat
f+ck a party, we taking a trip
the money growing like a what?
said the money growing like a what?
said the money growing like a uhh
i′m switching the flow like the usual
if she like a n+gga, it ain’t mutual
cards ndatamo birenze nka yugi+oh
keeper wa roho ndi caesar, no julio
amagambo nyakoramo interuro
amagambo nyakoramo uhh
step nyinshi ndarya
ibya rest simfata
ibya vex sinshaka
ngwamo mbirenga fasta
sindi mushyashya njye ndi umusangwa
as a matter of fact i′m a living legend
gusa ntibafata abahamba

if you need me find me in the zone
head in the clouds, bopping to the tone
i got h+lla bars in my phone
beats dead every time its a mourn
i be flowin’ like simone
got hands like samoan
only pros get the call
gold digging so you know she hoein′
run this sh+t y’all be tippy toeing
lotta booth murder i got ptsd
(god d+mn)
(god d+mn)
off the top i ain’t doing no cram
outside ion be on the gram
n+ggas always got sh+t that they showin′
rap money like trees got it growin′
this the type of sh+t that we on
i might burn the ozone
turn this sh+t to a warzone

(rex, i’m on)

i′m dripping celine and dior
i’m singing like celine dion
on some sh+t you can never be on
i got the james (gems) i feel like lebron
i′m the king, you can’t sit on my throne
not alone but i got on vlone
on top of world
o zone

urambaza iki kandi ubibona
drip too hard
baza hano kuvoma
make it rain on them
nkaho ndi roman
make it rain on them
nkaho ndi what?

i don′t cap but i keep my cap on
handle business
no l
too much cash
i did even take loan
i pass by and they smelling cologne

bangers nyinshi
sinduhuka ntakaraka
i k!ll a beat ntambaraga
assassin wambara gants
ndimo nshaka amafaranga
in my prime
pull up na ntwali
haba saga
lame ass n+ggas ntibashona bar