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911 – hold on lyrics

hold on

moonlight streets on your soft skin as you sleep tonight
these fallen dreams as i count every breath you breathe
i can’t believe that we are standing on different sides
the cold reality cos we live in the same room living separate lives – oh

we gotta hold on (hold on)
we can make it through the storm
baby it’s been so long (so long)
since the feeling was so right
i know we can make it strong
for i have seen the signs
in my heart you still belong
gotta keep holding on
oh we gotta hold on

we’ve been so blind to let the p-ssing time just slip by
all we’re sacrificed just washed away like a turning tide
i sit alone and look up into the open skies
i finally realise oh we’ve got to fight to keep this love alive – oh

we gotta hold on (hold on)
we can make it through the stor

- 911 lyrics

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