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a hellish digest – until the flawless victory lyrics


i have been born with a thousand sins already on my back
i have to keep my life knowing that i�ll never wash them away
and i will die like a dog, with the tail on my legs
and i will be in the agony of death like a juicy liver ready to be eaten

worms eat my rotten corpse, they feel so deep
my hand has a chip, i fall asleep
i�d let me be a prey of you, i am so weak
you�re digging my grave, you�ll think you win

but now i�m the phoenix and i�m rising from my dust
i believe only in myself and i predict you�re dying fast
now it�s time for me to live eternal but i�m not a god
no time for bittersweet ends
only for a flawless victory

i have to rest close to filth and cruel no senses worms
i have to keep my death knowing that no one will remember of me
and i�ll learn about the lie that we call afterlife
and i�ll return to the depths of complete annihilation

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