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a.r.a.b.s. (sure shot) – on some next shit lyrics

[verse 1 – special ed]
i come in like electricity, through a city
natural lit like a 50
with red hair and crystals, having visuals
communicating to the minds of individuals
you believe you can fly
i give you the window, in the end tho
and leave you to die
please n-gg- just stop whining, try rhyming
of ghost and krills, or take mad pills and dont eat
and go sleep, first tell me about the money you keep
on stash, we go thorugh trash to have cash
we unrash, you wouldn’t understand it
arabs blowing up the planet

[verse 2]
yo, evacuate the premises
under watch i see the glimmer from the camera lens
fed agents, d.e.a. comb the pavement
looking for signs to explain my detainment
central intelligence have no experience
to deal with deliverance of this brilliance
can you dig it?
any chucks i know how we sick it
big moe hold me down, back ’em with the biscuit
aggrievated -ssault turn any red foe
security, i’ll sn-tch ya vault, hit the asphlat
huh, i caught a lick i thought that was it
cash running out, sh-t, lookin desolate

don’t even stress it
take the trigger, press it
on some next sh-t

[verse 3]
cash got my mental possesed
we glorify death
yo dui took his last breath, threw his soul left
wake up every morning depressed
baby was born stressed
att-tude from an adress
and never did from vex
growing up showing devotion
life is in your little poetry emotion
fill ?[a cans of holdin]?
half a dozen be throwin, blazing at these romans
living in the city of sin, mind controlling
so keep it rolling
question me, we know telepathy
rush the us treasury, crush whatever be
i selectivly select suitable weaponry
my specialty specialize in acts of treatury
rush your emb-ssy, end all your multi felonies
aic acting they can’t see accesory
brain scars from the memories
not a memory, its kind to see its hard grease breeze
remember me

time is more valuable than coal

[verse 4]
thats why the crime rate as the toll time is wasted
debating democartic, your crew is on some whack sh-t
your vocals are static, no feel, sh-t was real ’97
my life still, is copping steel
since my moms died when i was ?[spinnin]?
i got a kid and its a ?[jazzy kevin sense]?
?[so i sharp tense]?, militant
a n-gg- sporitng fatigue chemical army green
so i tell you rappers take position
arabs be the ones to make the compet-tion listen
see i power a divine shower
n-gg-s from out of town come to brooklyn house and turn cowards
now peace to howard, till his dreads selling ?[earths by the bowers]? in the bush
i give it, the tuck alive touch, n-gg- what

we takin money in 52 states
we gonna push the b-tton and start earthquakes
we got the power to bring it to you real
with the ammunition is how we pay bills
arabs is coming you better run for shelter
we lightin’ dynamite, throwin pipe bombs
hand granades and tnts
keeping cities in fear, arabian dogs is here
we takin money in 52 states
we gonna push the b-tton and start earthquakes
we got the power to bring it to you real
with the ammunition is how we pay bills

- a r a b s sure shot lyrics

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