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a-listerr – 4 times lyrics


i am on this beat and i’m about to take your squad down

joe taylor isn’t sh-t stupid n-gg- man up, you should’ve never added nizzmey to your team of nuts
who is l cooli? that n-gg- ain’t worth a verse is worth a f-cking hook, all you n-gg-s shook

raithage hasn’t made a track because he’s scared, now it’s really time to f-ck you n-gg-s up we is some bears

i am in north carolina if you wanna square up, i am finna be working on the mixtape thank you very much

so you n-gg-s can not say sh-t, here james i’mma let you go and take this

yeah ok, maybe i was just a feature maybe so, but that doesn’t mean that i can not f-ck your hoe

let’s just face it, your whole crew is just a b-tch, if we ever really did something raithage would snitch

dine’ro would probably come up with an excuse, cause he’s a b-tch right along with nizzmey too

now it’s on to l cooli, n-gg- who the f-ck is you? i have never heard you spit, square up and get your troops

i am tired of this hatred don’t be mad cause we is winning, j4ydizz1e i’mma knock yo -ss out and leave you spinning

this is kings throne b-tch ya’ll have never been in picture, now i’m spitting f-cking flames got ya’ll b-tches do you miss her?