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a o n – empire lyrics



will i give up?
i am not
will i back down?
i will not
will i give in?
i think not
will i fall down?
i can not
i’ll run this world into the ground
i won’t give up, i won’t back down
i am a king, i wear my crown
my empire will never fall down

{verse 1}

i don’t really care if you’re drunk or not
turn it up loud and feel the ambiance
i’ll lay your girl down and do some body shots
i’ll keep goin lower till i hit the spot
tick and tock, the time’s tickin on the clock
you’re gonna get shot, if you stumble on my block
like it or not, your girl’s cravin what i got
she wants my c-ck since i’m headed for the top
you’ve got nothing on me, me you cannot touch
i feed off your defeat, and i’ll never get enough
the me you cannot see, is what scares you so much
it’s contained within me, until my body busts
i’ll bring destruction until the sky crashes
douse it completely with 3 kinds of gases
light it all on fire with 2 handfulls of matches
and then build my empire up among the ashes


{verse 2}

i’m slipping in the darkness
the darkness i will harness
use it as a weapon to bring
you down in the mosh pit
the gas lit, with matches, ignite the flames
and as you look upon it you will never be the same
you scream
“let me go”
that won’t do
i can never
release you
this is true
i just rule
including you
i will not drop, in the dirt
i will take all the hurt
and inflict it to you for all that it’s worth
the time is coming now
there is no way, no how
that you can get away
so you might as well die now
dead without a sound
there’s no witness around
they will never find you
my evil is raining down
this is the first chapter
there will be more after
i will keep on going
until all your souls i’ve captured
i’m more than a rapper
i will bring the rapture
my empire is growing
bow down to your master