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a past unknown – reason to fear lyrics


i know this is real and that’s all i need to keep me
going. my soul will plead until the end. i’ll take this
to the point of no
return, no reason to look back. truth has been set, my
eyes have seen a
new life hidden in the depths of repentance. good bye,
try to hold me
back, what i was, now forget. decisions have come with
resistance coming
at full. the plot inside us all is longing to control,
but i won’t let it
with the power that i have been given. try stopping me
now, this is real,
there’s no reason to doubt. i belong to you, what should
i fear when i
have freedom from understanding my desperate need for
more than highs,
more than highs so temporary. i don’t belong, still you
call me your own.
still you call me your own. i’m pressing forward for you
until the end, no
looking back, you saved my soul, i won’t forget.