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a. s. m. (a state of mind) – birth lyrics



the night hangs lost in space
over the long gone century the rain falls torrentially and
soaks into raw scorched earth crust eventually
the wind howling like a hammer battering the landscape
and making plain the strange beauty of a blank slate
the palace claims mandate and dominates with languid anger
as it cranes its neck of stone to scan for ramblers
eyes on the canvas

sculpted in the scene a lonely cloaked figurine seen
drifting through the night and clinging tightly to the tiny
living shrine of golden light within her clutch
unwavering focus channeled into one pivotal moment where the opus
culminates and thus begins again, hold tight
or all the rest is desolation and the cold night
she had come so close until swallowed by the cypher

single soaring soul into the sun that almost seemed, for a brief interjection
through the effortless perfection of her essence
to have challenged architecture of oppression
then trusty old chaos reared its face through the paint gloss
rarely takes a day off
so she seeks her shelter in the wild again a child again
the mother of us all shunned and shamed in all her holiness
a hooded refugee of ancient myth
the city’s civilized rage fades further into distance and the mist
and yet

there was a lightness in her stride even now
as if she’d heard the song no voice could sing and harps upon the winds again
a symphony that lingers in the wings of them that once she called her kin
last pride of the tribe
now there was the two of them if only for these few and precious moments
and the amulet of jade engraved in daylight
only thing remaining of her past aside from access to comp-ssion
as a bastion of the sacred
suspended isolated iconic imagery devices
the mother and the child and the greatest of all sacrifices
she’s the serum, the antidote, the isis
cut loose by osiris

collective respiration now staggered
if only for a brief shift in patterns
all was open to interpretation still
the rain and the wind and the plantations and the hills and then
only barely visible to squinted gaze
the dimmest ray of light piercing the night began to emanate
the same flame scorching at her heart now lit her eyes
and was reflected dutifully on the arc of the horizon
on loop, a tan suo mantra in her head, around her neck
that utmost sacred of all hand-me-downs
she stands her ground even as the land is drowned

they glimpsed the green glint against the gloom
engulfed in the glow, a gladiator goddess bearing gifts