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a theatre near u feat. atticus shaindlin – father phil’s philosophy lyrics


back in my youth,
living in the sticks,
i learned this truth:
most people are d-cks!
that girl’s a total fool,
he’s a t-rd in the gene pool!
my patience is tested,
kindness molested,
they’re dumb as a ton of bricks!
but do i dispair that they are all half-wits?
do i even care that they’re mental midgets?
no i get on by with a simple philosophy:
i hate them all equally!
i hate them all equally,
not she more than he,
they’re all so annoying,
always b-tching and cloying(-ah)
he’s a bl–dy git,
she’s a brainless twit,
do i give a spit? no not a care!
so i strike a pose,
looking down my nose,
cavities exposed; thick with black hair.
she’s a piece of work,
he’s a total jerk,
what is this quirk that they all share?
each a scaramouche,
each of them a douche,
the only solution is hate fair and square- haha!
think of them as trash,
airheads filled with gas,
a donkey is an -ss that gets whipped,
yes, this philosophy truly works for me!
try it for yourself and you’ll see because
people are losers,
morons and bruisers,
i follow father phil’s philosophy;
i hate them all equally!