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a7pha – powerful poisons lyrics


realizin’ it, realizin’ it.. (x6)

[verse 1]
hungry for victory, no running, dodging a war
changing angles, setting out for success

maintaining a healthy balance of sophistication and barbaric hatred, losing a battle boxing with god

i got knocked down, then lifted up, see over here you don’t need talent, only connection to blood
nervous searching no more, rock a pickup, (?)
favourites spit out of perfect death(?), it’s always eatin’ time, no calls for rest

sleep well, eat better, keep battlin’ till’ your bones disappear, everyone wants a little piece of heaven herе

leavin’ h+ll for me to dеal with++ good thing i’m raised with demons and devils under the watchful eye of the king

another cross over there(?), his words serving some purpose for second calls near(?)

watching wild wolves feast on dogs caught in snares because when it’s feeding time nothing tastes sweeter than the berries of revenge, yeah

realizin’ it, realizin’ it.. (x4)

[verse 2]



i wouldn’t say i’m hearing voices, it’s more vowel+style noises come from my many made choices
nonetheless, they are powerful poisons