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aaron taos – control (remix) lyrics


control [lyrics]

[verse 1: aaron taos]
sitting here thinkin’ bout society
do you wanna hear some irony?
i don’t like going out
but i don’t wanna stay at home
laying here thinkin’ bout the things i hate
staring at a screen til my mind goes blank
it’s the same every day
when you know you’re not in control

[chorus: aaron taos]
in control
in control

[verse 2: lonely god]
i been feeling like i lost my my mind now
every mountain that i had to climb i’m
bonafide i’m dying every day
(see the worst hasn’t come around)
had enough of the suits and parents
feel like i’m never allowed to stand i’m
losing all my self determined fate
i’ll never never never never be
[chorus: aaron taos & lonely god]
in control
in control
in control
in control

[rap: huron john]
fitted up with doctor martens
suit of armor in the cut
i’m a mystery to all the doggies in the pound + i’m a mutt
sick of tossing hearts to passive folks
i haven’t seen in months
orchestrating the b+tter cup
i need control i buckle up

cruising with my silver sprocket
gnarly on the dirt trails
air balloon + i make it hail
tidal wave i make us sail
getting agitated like napoleon when kip is home
siri interrupt the music
guess i gotta toss the phone

[chorus: aaron taos, lonely god & huron john]
in control (i try to get it out my mind, but i think it all the time)
in control (i don’t wanna be morose, but i guess that’s how it goes)
in control (i try to live every day, but the fact still doesn’t change)
in control (it’s like you’re part of a show, when you’re never in control)