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abctakt – emotions bend the frame lyrics


i‘ve got numb from all the pain that surrounds me
thoughts, deep like wells, exploring their boundaries
feeling chilling cold, like it‘s exactly minus nine degrees
emotions that i‘m not really capable to release
so then i lose myself in a world of audio masterpieces
interpreted from my ears through headphones and decibels
i know you‘re following this, cause you‘re also like the rest of us
and you sure can relate, cause your emotions also bend the frame
sending the mind in deep isolation
it‘s really hard to find some consolation in the reality that we inhabit
the time that we didn‘t care – yeah, i would love to relapse it
‘cause memories about it keep on making my mind unraveled
since currently you squeeze your heart like a kilo of pears
for people who additionally stuck in their spears
without even caring what the f-ck are they causing
what the f-ck is their loss, why the f-ck are they posing
why do we give love to those, who don‘t deserve it
but don‘t accept such from the ones who try to give it to us the most intensively
and even if we try to do the opposite
we can‘t achieve it, after which we disprove
our nature with other virtues
and on top of that we still define ourselves
as loving individuals who are even spiritual
i read somewhere that the numbers of our birth
contribute to the whole picture
and it sounded reasonable, but then
i asked myself again why was the logicality behind it
destined this way
does a person deserve to take decisions
that barely have any effect with sweat on his forehead
but flighty ticking off deep initiatives?
i guess that‘s just another mystery causing usual sufferings…
every impulse of love gets beaten by a combination
of indifference and hatred
each gust of hatred gets pulled down by a combination
of frigidity and love
feels like i can no longer feel
i see myself as a log that is its own saboteur
i even doubt the blink of my eye
if, say, a volcano erupts and everything around me dies
it sure won‘t be some kind of surprise
i already discorded humanity a long time ago
i am moving in a wheelchair but instead of wheels
it‘s driven by processed fake feelings
with whom we proceed together to the next tomorrow
where we play familiar tones with an unidentified instrument
when my legs again become blocks of cement
but wait a minute….
wasn‘t that the reason why i am a wheelchair user?
i suppose that‘s the only solution…