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abdul moiz – blind society (freestyle) lyrics


[intro: abdul]
man i’m starting to wonder why
so many rich people
yet every night they cry
the temporary happiness from money got you hyped up
no lie
we can turn this all around
at least we’ll try
gonna keep our head low and work on things rightly
cause we’re living in a blind society

[verse 1]
i had a dream
where i saw the end of all this division
less of a dream, but more of a vision
a vision for humanity
where we aren’t treated better cause of some popularity
almost 8 billion people in the world
yet, we leave out most cause they live in poverty
it’s time to get together and hold each other tightly

cause we’re living in a blind society

[verse 2]
surrounded by both
misery and poverty
people are falling
prices are rising
it’s harder to get employed
in this f-cked up world
where there’s no where to hide
where technology is spying us side by side
it’s either the government or the hood and you gotta pick a side
the decision ain’t easy to make
it’s a f-cked up world but you gotta choose
on this road to victory
there are some loved ones you’re gonna lose
so through all the struggles
know this all has a purpose
and that all of your worst days
will never make you feel worthless

lost in reality
f-cked up mentality
looking around, all mostly is brutality
judging people cause of their s-xuality
living a life of nonsensicality
all we need is spirituality

cause we’re living in a blind society..