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aboveyouraverage ft don fabiani – lemon pepper freestyle lyrics


verse 1 : don fabi
usually i don’t do this
giving off free bars on unlicensed music
reopening scars for songs that cannot give me bars
me and aya together ?? that’s two aligning stars
red bottom jordan’s you’d think i was walking on mars
new conversations with my ex girl , she really cross
my x cross , that’s a double cross innit ??
independent n+gga not splitting any percentage
schooling you n+ggas i’m the perfect prefect
this is from the ground up like the presets reset
she make me beg for it like she don’t need s+x
if you broke she press reject then eject
she immaculate
she suck me off until i almost ej+cul+te
she’s invincible
she the headmaster but go no princ+p+ls

i actually eat lemon pepper cause i’m avoiding salt
plus already you n+ggas slaty with me
but i nut all the time , i got salt in me
like some bland food i’m talking , no tswaai
even when i take long she really quick to reply
man this sh+t scripted this ain’t no freestyle
don’t look at our lives you might get scared by ours
12 am to 3 am those are sacred hours
verse 2 : aboveyouraverage
smoking on my solo, on a silent night
above your average make sure that you say it right
i know i’m lit i don’t need the extra hype n+ggas taking ls even on they extra time
mix the gin with vodka now a n+gga’s out of line
drunk at a event,thinking every b+tch is mine
you’ll be shook when you see the plans that i devise
nowadays i benefit of my own advise

tbh i don’t have to prove no sh+t to you
hustle like im poor, i pray i keep this attitude
how i look dating a b+tch whose always at the groove?
i ain’t prefect some of my actions i disapprove..

laugh at hoes acting like , they celebrities
tryna bring my n+ggas down to a minority
i don’t see you b+tches like im lacking clarity
i just wanna f+ck you good to my melodies
leave a stain on your brain to lasts for centuries
they won’t love you all,i got some enemies
dont pay no mind to wack vibes, i lack the energy
give you knowledge for free , n+gga that’s charity
i spit that real, to make sure you remember me
i can’t beg a b+tch it’s not in my integrity
bro im destined to shine a living legend g
i can’t do no stupid sh+t , i’m grown now
it used to be gang ,the circles small now
all the sh+t they said was true is looking false now
you can never really climb until you fall down


we all wanna f+cken prosper
buy sh+t without the worry of how much it cost ya…
im tired of being a window shopper
when you see the sh+t i’ve seen , n+gga what’s gonna stop ya? huh ?

lemon pepper seasoning
i’m too busy mixing recordings can’t be reasoning
when you hear me getting better ,bro i know its sickening
it hurts your pride ,i can see your ego weakening

another morning, waking up for a stipend
it’s alright, its not better up on my end
thoughts of how my futures like, got frightened

keep it a hundo with my girl , i’m inlove with her
honest hours with eachother while she braid my hair
this b+tch just text me “did i ghost her?” , like im unaware
she laughs it off then she tells me that the trust is there
to be real nowadays i ain’t feeling scared
like the n+gga whose accepted that his death is near
the boat is mine , you don’t need to ask who’ll get us there
i gotta do it now i got no time to spare

uh , all this time i been searching for a platform
to a.y.a from ayaeazy what a transform
you say poppin i don’t know your last song
all these albums in my drive held for ransom
i ain’t even rich , she calls me handsome
i can’t stick around peers throwing tantrums
we can’t hold a convo , if you think i’m random
some of the sh+t i speak about you won’t fathom

scrolling through my contact list i got options
thankful for harvey now i’m understanding sonics
the flow is clean , alkaline faucet
the day i blow dawg i swear i’d swear it be atomic

swear i’ll never break it , if i make a promise
asking questions like “yo mami you erotic?”
it depends you consistent or you toxic ?
i dont show it , like drake hid adnois

more life to my cuzzo fabiola too
had me set for my stay down in honeydew
day & night locked in, active inn the stu
you don’t need to ask what happened , you know what it do

in this life to be set you need leverage
if she turn you down ,make sure you inbox her friend
remind her she’s a 5 when she’s acting like a 10
currently money’s the only thing thats relevant

makaveli potriat hanging on my wall
i’m way too deep in this ,i can’t drop the ball
make some uncountable numbers then we buy the mall
i can’t wait till everything i thought was big is small
diamonds plaqs on the walls , walking down my hall
i wanna make more deposits instead of more withdrawals
everything i just mentioned i’m gonna do it all
she said that im her ex , her face i don’t recall

she don’t like it when i’m down ,she always sets the mood
incoming notification, she just sent some nudes
text the eggplant emoji ,let her know i viewed
she said im different different , she likes how aya’s moves

played my mom my musics , now she always brags to her friends
i heard tell her friend the other day im sick with the pen
lord answer all my prayers fore i say an amen
my work ethic is what separates me from the next man
same sh+t different toilet it’s the ying with the yang
pefect my craft do the same sh+t again and again
sell back to you for profit , i’m a businessman
always updated on other news,like cnn

i dont even try nomore my boy its effortless
whose the best , whose the goat? make a reference
fake fly n+ggas out here looking fatherless
a.y.a bettersay it with deep reverence

give you exclusive bars for free n+ggga im generous
told y’all n+ggas to stop playing with me man , i done did my 10000 hours
hardwork overrides talent ,forever gon be like that
im aboveyouraverage and yours my n+gga facts!