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abracadabra- mark staycer – saddingham park lyrics


it’s way down by the water
where ocean touches sky
(clouds go by)
the eyes will see right through you
so there’s nothing left to hide
(who am i?)
manipulation, for all the complex problems of your life
get in line

they do open mind surgery
at saddingham park
(yeah, extend your mind)
none phased and with some persuasion
to find out who you are
(to find)
to realize, and redefine
what’s that sp+ce between your ears no extra charge
we’ve come so far
make sure you get the red hen
because the blue one won’t do
there may be complications
that brought no sisters pretty good
some little bag, they aren’t so bad
rest assured your piece of mind
it’s clearly in her bag
(it’s in her bag)
(rain down, the visceral crown)
now, don’t look back
(saved my life now i’m in her bag)
you’re in her bag
(hey now isn’t this a first?)
(saved my life now i’m in your purse)
(come on, come on)
(hey nurse, is this a purse? x2)