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abscaand – ga state of mind lyrics


[verse 1: abscaand]
by now, you know i’m serious about this rapping
giving props to the emcees that made this happen
number four on the list is nasty nas
just cause of the way that i got acquanted with rap, ya’ll
the beats that he was laced with made me take a step back
like what is that? i never heard music like that down south
there’s a lack of 808, but the drums are hitting
i treated illmatic like scripture, the writtens really hit the kid
plus, i liked the style that he was rocking with, it was sick
i admit it, i fell in love with the boom-bap
add some samples in the beat, i’ve got to have that
studying legends like him, improving my craft
just working with my building blocks like minecraft
i was the creeper just fiending to be in this culture
i needed it more than breathing itself, it helped my self-esteem
it was able to turn men into untouchable legends
whose influence could extend for generations if you let it
so, tell me again that i should settle for a day job
you slave hard around people that you don’t even like
and make fun of me cause i wanna make a living rocking mics
i’m not the type to give up that easily
you don’t see what i see in me
which is fine, i didn’t ask you to believe in me anyway
when it comes to the microphone, i get plenty play
if i got to choose a side, i got to choose the south
i live out there, so don’t go there
but that don’t mean i can’t give props to ny when i’m from the beast coast
man, ya’ll do the most
you try to make lines to divide, look at i
i was made to cross over all boundaries, i
do not care to reside on one side of the map
if i hear a dope sound, then i’m all over that
show love to all sides of the map
a box is where you’ll never find me at, and that’s a fact
i’m a student of rap, first and foremost
that’s why, in terms of lyrical sk!ll, i’m put before most of my peers
it appears that the game has veered from its original path
but, in order for growth to continue, this has to happen
so, i’ma keep rapping and hope you find the time to adjust to this georgia state of mind

[verse 2: abscaand]
i was looking in all the wrong places for inspiration
looking at posters of the big 10 on my wall thinking
“will i ever make it? will i have to be at this job forever, knowing i hate it?”
that’s when i found a mirror waiting, i turned and faced it
you’ve got to earn your placement in this game
that’s when i picked up my mic and started spitting
a couple of freestyles and a few writtens
i knew it was something different, but i was willing to give it a chance
with this pen in my hand, i devised a plan
i would ride this new vibe until the bitter end
why should i give up on my dreams to fly cause some guy on the internet told me that i couldn’t rhyme?
knowing that he probably hasn’t written one in his life
and if he has, then it isn’t as sick as mine
the way i spit is ridiculous, i don’t need a vaccine
that being said, if you want my spot, you’ll have to wait in line
i treat chance like a woman, nah, i see her
she doesn’t notice me yet, but i really wanna be with her
you see, chance took a chance on other rappers and helped them advance
that’s why i’m tryna get in her pants
witness the sl1ck talking to get her to present herself, if i can
i don’t do this often, but tonight, it’s off with them draws if you down for the cause
like gambit, she pulled my card, and then proceeded to go off
like “who do you think you are? you’ve got the game backwards, by far
listen to how you sound, trying to get with me when your lyrics aren’t on par with the rappers i cosign
practice your craft before i can see you in that lime light
give yourself some time before you step to me”
those words were a blow to my pride, they slowed my stride
but i had to keep those feelings inside and remain cold as ice
no matter what happens, i’ll always strive to be the nicest
excellent work ethic cause hip-hop is my biggest vice
throwing the dice like yoko ono, and waiting on my time
always staying on my grind, stacking up rhymes inside of this georgia state of mind