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acs one – love echoes lyrics


verse: acs one
love echoes like a scream across the mountaintops
love excites like when the franky ocean alb-m drops
love seems to let me down and so i fall
but i always get back up and try to roll with the ball, but girl

you’re a different kind of special
the kind that makes me feel like no one else has ever done
you’re the one that i can i talk about my day to when it ends
and interestingly enough though we’re just considered friends

you see if distance is the issue
and it is
and if i could
get the money just to fly out and be with you
then i would

but even knowing that you’re so far and have the impact that you do
has got me thinking is it wrong to be in love with you?


what did i do to get an angel
one who cares
when i always thought that i was just a d-ck with dumb hair

you overlook my imperfections leave me feeling in bliss
you’re the one i like the most but i can’t even kiss

i guess i like what we have
knowing that it could be better
makes it worth the wait
baby i’ll be with you
some day

baby i’ll be with you
some day
so soon
i’ll be with you

baby i’ll be with you
so soon
some day
so soon